Using your Power BI Pro license from your MSDN Subscription

Aug 02
Using your Power BI Pro license from your MSDN Subscription


Recently I was asked about how to use the Power BI Pro license that comes with your MSDN subscription. I didn't even know that my MSDN subscription came with one!

So, challenge accepted. I went clicking about and found the icon that holds the link to Activate my Power BI Pro license.

Be warned, if you don't see the Power BI Pro icon, it could mean one of two things. One, you might just need to scroll horizontally. My Power BI Pro Icon was not one of the first six icons and I had to scroll right using the right arrow to move the icons left and see the Power BI Pro icon. The other thing that could be happening is that maybe Power BI Pro is NOT included with your particular MSDN subscription. Two of mine (I have three) did not have the Power BI Pro icon, both my MPN subscription and my Dev Essentials subscription did not have it. I'm not sure if that's correct for my MPN subscription, but it's not there.

In any event, since I did have it in my MCT MSDN subscription, I was able to click on the "Activate" link and go to the Create a New Subscription page. Unfortunately, I didn't grab the screenshot, so, to closely approximate what you will see, here's a screenshot of me adding a Office 365 Pro trial subscription. It's basically the same screen, but with a different logo in the upper left corner.



If you get this screen instead, it probably means you've already activated this subscription.



Now, instead of pushing through and signing up for a new Power BI Pro account and new Office 365 account, I wanted to add this Power BI Pro subscription to my exisiting Office 365 account, so I clicked "Sign In" next to "Want to add this to an existing subscription?" Since I'm my company's Office 365 Admin, I can do that. If, however, you are not your company's Office 365 Admin, but you still want to add this Power BI Pro subscription to your company's Office 365 tenant, fear not, you can! Simply code the offer code in the URL and send that to your company's O365 Admin, so that they can complete the activation process. Here's the link I used:

It's a lot, I know. But it's unique and once used, can't be used again. (I tried).

One the Office 365 Admin uses this link/code, after signing in, they will get a screen like so:

Clicking "Try Now" gets them a step closer.

Finally, if they look under their subscriptions, they'll now see the newly added Power BI Pro account.

NOTE: One step I skipped was the payment step. During that step, you can select credit card or wire transfer. As you can see from above, I selected wire transfer, because, even though adding this Power BI Pro subscription doesn't have a cost associated with it, I wanted to make sure nothing got charged to any credit card…accidentally like.

Hope this helps with anyone struggling to find and add their MSDN subscription provided Power BI Pro license!